From some books of Historical Valtellinese Society the Cà Boscacci pasture , where we are located , was already existent in the year 1471 , in fact this is the first written proof that we got talking about this place .In that historical period the Albosaggia village was dwelled and was  important for local “trading market” with Bergamo valley through Publino Pass,fuoco people preferred live on the mountain cause ground valley was dangerous for floods and epidemics , was is in this contest who born this hamlet where today we still exist and live and where , on 1968 Enzo Mostacchi together with his wife Maria begins this food and host job , they became a reference point through the years for all the people who travel on Campelli route .After that was the son , Enio who started on 1996 the farm activity with breeding  keeping food and guest tradition until today , where we are still present with our farm and we carry on offering local products based on best quality that we want give to our guests .For all these reasons we are proud to keep on this old tradition bound to this valley and made of natural products amalgamated with all the passion and the experience that this people got through the centuries living on the mountain where life is hard but values are very strong like culture and tradition that we have learnt from our fathers.





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