Here , at Cà di Mostach
, you can taste and appreciate all the typical products of our breeding , like
sausages and salami , fresh lamb and  wild chicken .Very important for us are all
the traditional Valtellina dishes: sciat , pizzoccheri , taroz and polentapizzoccheri
taragna , risotto and tagliatelle pasta with porcini mushrooms , pot roast and
roasted beef , all cooked following specific manners , secret of our house and
our old experience , we served all this kind of foods with local and fresh
season vegetables that are growing from us here inside the farm .Particular
attention is dedicated to the local kinds of aged cheese served after the main
plates , to the wine that belong to “Nebbiolo” wine and is the same base of the most famous “Inferno” and “Sassella” which are made in this area around Sondrio , and also to the sweets and cakes , all handmade by us , very special is our “bisciola” and the fruit tart that absolutely you have to try once you will be here .In our cooking doesn’t exist a carte menu , the menu is decided day by day , in a word is a “daily menu” who changes everyday , all the dough are handmade and fresh , that’s formaggiowhy booking is advised on time and requested , cause is important for us to offer the best quality and best service to our clients , giving maximum attention to the quality and just manual cooking , as was in the past , is still today for us .Our farm got 2 dining rooms that can host 40 persons and a beautiful open garden that we use for all the good seasons , spring and summer and which gives chance to have lunch or dinner outdoor in a magic and natural atmosphere , very relaxed.


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