Our farm is situated inside the Orobie Valtellinesi Park , on a high sea of 780 meters in Albosaggia territory , along the route that from Albosaggia Centro borough climb to Campelli village .Even though we are in a really natural forest , we stay very close to Sondrio centre and Highway 38 , only 5 km  , that’s why is very easy reach us with a car or any other transport .We are a small farm but very well equipped about food served and hospitality with rooms for overnight stay , we got farms , in particularly sheep , pigs , hens and ducks and also crops  , from vegetables garden til vineyard and blueberries crops that you can find here .What is our main peculiarity , from always , is to keep the familiar and homely atmosphere that you can breathe here and is what we really want when we talk about the word “farm”: a unique place very typical and friendly where you can feel the culture and habits of this special mountain area tasting famous and typical Valtellina food which is coming from an historical and ancient tradition .On this mountain area you can make trekking and skialp and there are a lot of itineraries about these sports that you can find in the special section we got , our woods are very rich of porcini mushrooms and chestnuts that is possible search during the good season .For these and many other reasons we are the right place where you can enjoy peace and relax far from city traffic and ordinary life , a good place to taste excellent food and do mountain sports.


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